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Why a resin floor

The resin floor success is surely also linked to the ability to completely renew the image of an environment without having to resort to heavy and removal works of radicals of floors and existing substrates, with savings of costs and execution times. Thanks to the thin thickness of the resin coats one should not resort to the cutting of doors and existing fixtures. It ‘a compelling alternative to more traditional materials (such as porcelain stoneware tiles, ceramics and terracotta or wood floors). The laying can be performed on any surface, concrete, stone, tile, if stable, perfectly smooth and free of moisture. This feature has favored the rapid spread in the renovation of commercial spaces. The resins have become a device of choice for the fashion shops, which have very short update times, according to a rhythm that gets closer and closer to that of replacement windows. The resin floors are ideal for any type of environment. The maintenance of this type of floor is easier and high hygienic safety. The resin is among the most innovative and modern materials for the construction not only of floors but applied on furniture can become a true work of art. The resin then not only for floors but to furnishings and furniture measure. The result is a minimal chic with pieces of great impact, precious materials and furniture of strong character. Working on panels and mobile walls can create magnificent resin surfaces for furniture, picture frames and mirrors, tables, doors, cabinets and decorative panels as paintings of all sizes. In addition to the huge advantage of using resin flooring.

The resin:

is monolithic: floors are continuous with no joints or gaps, give the feeling of a larger environment;
has thin: have a reduced thickness, about 2/3 mm;
resistant resin: has a high mechanical and chemical resistance varies depending on the type of floor required;
It is resistant to chemicals and fire: resins are solvent free and self-extinguishing (class 1) for the production of dust and oil resistant coatings on floors of the boiler and fuel storage;
It is easy to clean: the resin is completely non-toxic and has no harmful emissions (by answering the highest requirements of the law in case of contact with food). Given the lack of the floors leaks and cracks are extremely easy to clean and therefore guarantee a high hygienic standards;
is waterproof: the resin floor can be considered as water and oil repellence, given the extremely closed molecular structure;
the resin floor is unique and unrepeatable, with the ability to get a wide range of colors resins lend themselves to endless creative solutions, allowing you to customize and make unique every surface;
Overlay: it has a very good adhesion on a wide variety of media. It can be applied on existing floors without any demolition;
It does not generate cracks: if the foundations were carefully examined and are executed the right of the resin processing cycles does not generate cracks;
surfaces are easy to maintain: a resin floor can be restored to its original condition with a few simple steps, this results in lower repair costs and also allows you to easily change the color;
Heated floors: a resin floor due to its low thickness and high thermal conductivity and elasticity of the resin is fully compatible with the presence of radiant systems.
It can also be applied on vertical surfaces, and not only … you can make shower trays and the same color, coat bathroom furniture, cabinets and doors resulting in a perfect symbiosis with the walls and the furniture.